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We do all types of PC and Laptop repairs.
As far as computer repairs go, here are some of the work that we do:

PC repairs Hint of the day...
How to uninstall PCKeeper.

First go to Control Panel then "Add or Remove programs" or "Programs and features". Highlight PCKeeper then click on uninstall (or remove).

If that didn't work, or PCKeeper was not on the list of programs.
You would need to download two programs from Microsoft's sysinternals. (process explorer and autoruns).
You can google them or go directly to the site by clicking these two links:
for Autoruns:
They will download as a zip file. Create a temp folder on your desktop or any other place you like, then unzip these two into the temp folder. You'll see 6 to 8 files in that folder. You only need "procexp.exe" and "Autoruns.exe". You can delete everything else if you like.

1) If you're running winxp, go ahead and run "procexp.exe", on Vista and above, right click on "procexp" and choose "Run as an Administrator".
2) Sort "Company Name" column by clicking the Company Name header on top row.
3) In my computer the company name for PCKeeper is "Essentware" and there are two processes running under the same company "PCKeeper.exe" and "AccountService.exe". In yours, there could be more.
4) Right click on both lines (or however many in your case) and choose "Suspend" to force them to stop running.
5) If you're running winXP, go ahead and run "Autoruns.exe", on Vista and above, ritht click on "Autoruns" and choose "Run as an Administrator".
6) In the Filter box on top of the page, type: pckeep
7) It will now show only PCKeeper lines in your registry. (like 10 to 15 lines) Go ahead and uncheck them all.
8) Now, just to make sure, go back to the Filter box and type over the company name, in my case "essentware", so I just typed the first 5 chars essen
9) In my case, sure enough, there were two more lines with "Essentware" in them.
10) Go ahead and uncheck them as well.
11) Okay, you are done. Go ahead and close everything and restart your system.
12) Run "procexp" to make sure PCKeeper is no longer running.

Yes, we do have pagers for sale, and provide pager service.
We have been selling Pagers since they've been called beepers or beeper service.

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